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Bones have no Ears

Title: Bones have no Ears
Author: Silyara (trivalent/silyara)
Characters/Pairings: Barty Crouch Junior, Edgar Bones, Karen Bones, Susan Bones. Mentioned: Bartemius Crouch Senior, Theseus Bones, unnamed Bones.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 443
Warnings: Deaths
Summary: Barty tried his best.
Notes: JK made the world, but these characters are mine and quite influenced by those of desire_of_nymph's.

“You’re not bad for a man whose morning routine includes changing diapers,” Barty ducked a curse and pranced around lightly, not heavily concerned with hurting his fellow trainee.

“And what’s your morning routine involve that makes you so much better?” the man asked, keeping the offensive.

Laughing, he sent up a shield charm to deflect the jinxes. “I always make sure to check the wards and strengthen them if I can think of anything new,” Barty countered, “You should try it, Bones.”

“With your father, I think your family is a bigger target,” the blond pointed out.

Barty pushed the attack, taking ground. “We have two very capable fighters and my mum,” he countered, “How good is your wife at defending herself? And you have a fair number of little ones.”

The man slipped up. Barty cursed him square in the chest, and he flew backwards. “All I did was mention your family, Edgar,” he came over and offered a hand up, “What if it were their lives at stake? What if my curse had been from a Death Eater?” Part of him chuckled quietly at the irony of the question. “Do me a favor and set up some wards.”

“I didn’t know you cared,” Edgar Bones looked at Barty seriously for the first time in a long while.

“Hey, just don’t let anyone know I worry about you, alright mate?” Barty shrugged it off. “It would ruin my reputation.”

They fell back into laughter again. “Sure thing, Crouch,” the man patted him on the back, “Just for you.” They didn’t talk about it again.

Two weeks later, Barty woke up to a patronus at his bedside. Dark Mark over a trainee’s house. He dressed and apparated. Groaning, Barty swore as he entered the house. Edgar’s body looked like a rag doll a dog chewed up. The blood soaked the entranceway, most of it the man’s. Farther in a woman lay dead shielding a baby, but it cried no more.

Turning out, he saw other members of the Bones family gathering, trying to get inside. A woman held a baby, and Barty quickly checked his dates. Ah yes, that was Susan. “You don’t…she doesn’t need to see what’s in there, Karen,” he told her quietly.

“Did any of them…?” her question trailed off.

His eyes looked down at the baby she was holding. Barty had never cared much for Susan really, but that baby was going to grow up and have a son. And Barty cared about him. “I am sorry, no,” he told her before turning away and leaving.

He had done everything he could do. It wasn’t his fault. It wasn’t.

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